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RETURNING SUMMER 2017 Most Sundays, 2pm til dusk.


Lost & Found

Golden Seconds

Every 2nd Friday, Golden Gram plays a mix of modern classics and the best of funk, soul, reggae, downtempo, and more. All on Vinyl. And it is always free.


The Layover

Golden Gram, DJ, Modern Classics

Gundlach Bundschu Winery Summer Fun Times

I've been enjoying my weekends at the Winery.
Come on out for a tasting.  I DJ every Saturday through October from 12 - 4:30. Make a reservation here.

I also provided the music for a short film about a restoration project at Gun Bun. 

Remaking and Reimagining Gundlach Bundschu Winery's Truck with Artist Nate Reifke


Sonoma, California

Sonoma, Gundlach Bundschu, DJ, Winery, Sonoma, Golden Gram, Graham LeBron

Great times at the Sonoma Independent Film Festival 2014

The film I scored, "I'm Obsessed With You (but you've got to leave me alone)" premiered at this year's Sonoma Independent Film Festival.  It was a raging success!

Sonoma, California

Graham LeBron, Sonoma International Film Festival, Sonoma, California, Jon Goracy, Genevieve Adams, I'm Obsessed with You (but you've got to leave me alone)

I'm Obsessed with You... film screening in Sonoma.

I'm pleased to announce the film I scored with Shanna Mahan last year is debuting at the Sonoma International Film Festival. 
The film, I'm Obsessed With You But You've Got To Leave Me Alone, is showing on Friday at 11:45 and Sunday at 5:30. Tickets are available here.
I'll be attending the Friday screening along with screenwriter, Genevieve Adams,  and director, Jon Goracy.

I'm Obsessed With You But You've Got To Leave Me Alone is a coming of age ensemble comedy about an eccentric collegiate improv troupe who tries to live life according to the "yes and" principles of improv.


I'm Obsessed With You, Graham LeBron, Film, Score, Sonoma, California, Independent, Film Festival, Music

Coming up Summer 2014

The next few months are shaping up to be pretty sweet in the world of golden gram.

DJ gigs:

First Thursdays at the Legionnaire Saloon are starting to take off. Who doesn't love country music?
Come check out me and Prozack Turner at The Honky Tonk.
The next one is April 3. Come dressed for the event!

My next Saturday happy hour at Missouri Lounge is on April 26.

I am very pleased to announce that I'll be DJing the Huichica music festival again this year. 
Lots of great bands, like Kelley Stoltz! It will be a great time.

Starting in June, I'll be DJing, along with a rotating cast of special guests, every Saturday afternoon this summer at Gundlach Bundschu Winery in Sonoma. Come out for a wine tasting and some sweet summer time tunes.


I will be guest starring in TV Mike and Scarecrowe's residency at the Legionnaire Saloon, Mondays in April.
The final monday, April 28, I will be doing some golden gram songs even.

And last but not least, album number 3 is about halfway done, it will be completed this year.



golden gram, huichica, music festival, country, western, california, sonoma, legionnaire saloon, missouri lounge, happy hour, vinyl, country & western, honky tonk, prozack turner

Late nights

and blurry shots. this is how it actually looked through my eyes at 3 am. ouch.




Bus Ride to Tahoe

The Moboom team on the bus!